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CAREer in Scandinavia & China

  • Office in Helsingborg of Sweden and SuZhou of China with search ability in most cities in China, even Asia

  • With consultants and project management team in both locations

  • Handle global projects in Scandinavia and China with a strong China-wide candidates' database

  • Sector Experience: Industrial/ Manufacturing, Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, FMCG, Logistics, Automotive

  • Functional Experience: Middle and senior level management, covering Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, IT, Manufacturing Management, Supply Chain Management 



Industry Coverage


  • Industrial / Manufacturing

  • Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals

  • Consumer / FMCG / Logistics

  • Chemical

  • Automotive

Assignment Management

  • Thorough Client Brief

  • Awareness of Client’s Culture

  • Team Approach

  • Weekly Update Reports

  • Confidential Candidate Reports

  • Compensation and Contract Negotiations

  • Follow Up with Employee

Executive Search Schedule

  • Set up the internal meetings and analyze client's needs 

  • Initiate by phone the name identification (research and mapping) process

  • Screen potential candidates and conduct interviews

  • Present our shortlist of candidates (typically between three to five candidates).

  • Confirm interview schedules

  • Forward reference checks and other essential information to you, and assist you to ensure the selected candidate accepts the offer.

  • Follow-up with the successful candidate consistently during the first few months in their new job and feedback relevant comments to the client

Career Advanced IT System


  • Bring large numbers of candidates to our database; we never lose sight of the individual.

  • We use advanced database technologies that help build a clear accurate profile of each individual candidate.

  • Individual profiles of over 120,000 are now active on our proprietary database; with the power of this database, we are able to identify profiles of top quality candidates quickly and easily, precisely matching them against your individual needs.

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