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The Management market in China is one of the fastest growing and competitive markets in the world. The results that are required are driven by markets that are expanding at a great speed. It is our goal to provide the best person for the position that is asked by our client. There is no task that we are not up to completing and our procedure helps both clients and candidates with one of the highest success rates.

Our staff have a wide range of skills and a very structured background. We specialize in certain fields that we have a very strong history in. As everyone knows that each industry has many different fields of expertise and we focus on all areas of our chosen industries. We can and will supply all middle management positions.

CAREer Consulting is a professional company that is committed to provide you with our best possible service.

We care about our candidates' career path and we treat you as our clients to make sure we provide the suitable opportunities to you.

CAREer clients' references are

an incredibly important factor to show a professional consulting service.

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CAREer Sweden

Katie Pettersson

Erik Rödes Gata 7

253 62 Helsingborg, Sweden

+46 767 878 688

+86 135 8487 4032

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CAREer China

Room 2201 Gate Of The Orient, No.199 Xinggang Street, SIP Suzhou, China

Tel: +86 135 8487 4032  

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